Hazrat Balapir Bava (Ghadiyali baba) R.A

 Vadodara,Gujarat, India


A sufi shrine where people from all religions come to make a wish. And when the wish is fulfilled a clock is offered as a token of gratitude. Each clock then carries a story of the pledger’s lack and its timely fulfillment. While caretakers believe that the dargah is 150 years old and claim that they have been taking care of it since eighty years, they have little idea regarding its history. There are no documents to prove its existence too.

The Dargah has a strong following amongst truck drivers, people wanting children, school children appearing for exams, owners of sick cattle and job seekers. It is believed that if the timeframe is provided the wish is fulfilled within that span. One may wish for oneself or others but not wish ill and one may not ask for Nirvana or anything impossible.

Additional Info

Each day, around 15 to 50 clocks are offered at this dargah. The clocks are offered either simply as an offering like at any other item or by those whose vows are fulfilled. Even digital clocks with calendars that are widely used these days can be seen hanging at the dargah. Such clocks are later donated to nearby rural schools. However, little is known about Hazrat Balapir.

  How to Reach: from Vadodara Airport Balapir Dargah is 8.3 Km from Vadodara Railway Station it is 4.7 Km and from Vadodara Bus Station Balapir Dargah is 4.9 km. Frequent buses and taxis are available for the place. Three wheeler auto are most convenient.,

Nearest City : Vadodara
Nearest Bus Stop : Sahyog Hospital
Nearest Airport : Vadodara
Nearest Railway Station : Vadodara
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