Hazrath Syed Kamalullah Shah (R.A)

 Hyderabad,Telangana, India


Hazrath Syed Kamalullah Shah, was a renowned Muslim Sufi, saint and scholar of the Quadri, Chisti order from Indian sub continent. He was the disciple and the spiritual successor of Hazrath Syed Sultan Mahmoodullah Shah Hussaini (Shaji). His most famous disciple and spiritual successor was Hazrath Ghousi Shah, who in turn became the spiritual master of India's noted Sufi saint.

Hazrath Syed Kamalullah Shah was popularly known as Machiliwale Shah Saheb. He was spiritually illuminated by his spiritual preceptors and could explain mysteries of life and existence even to highly educated professors and scholars. Ilahi Chaman (Nimboliadda, Kachiguda) his residence became the centre of Ulemas and Sufis. Professors, poets, jurists and bureaucrats would pride themselves, sitting at the feet of Hazrath Machiliwale Shah. He stressed inner illumination and the leading of a pure and simple life.

Hazrath Kamalullah Shah (Hazrath Machiliwale Shah), a businessman from Mysore, surrendered himself to Hazrath Syed Mahmoodullah Shah Hussaini when he first met him in Secunderabad. He was initiated (mureed) in the Sufi order and later became the successor (janasheen) of the saint. When Hazrath Ghousi Shah came to his khankha, he took him into baiyat and awarded khilafath instantly. And later made him successor (janasheen). He died at 1351 H Thursday 29th Rabi-us-sani corresponding to 8th sept 1932. His tomb is situated at Elahi Chaman, besides Masjid-E-Elahi, Malakpet, Hyderabad. The Urs celebrations will end with sama (Qawwali Programme) at Baith-Un-Noor, Hyderabad. People from all corners of country irrespective of cast and creed comes to attend this occasion every year.

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His annual Urs is organized on 29th Rabi-us-sani every year.

  How to Reach: From Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad the dargah is 27 KM, Nampally Railway Station 4.9 KM, Kachiguda Railway Station 2.4 KM, Secunderabad Junction 10 KM, Malakpet MMTS Station 800 m, Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station 1.3 KM,

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