Alhaj Moulana Peer Ghousi Shah (RA)

 Hyderabad,Telangana, India


Alhaj Moulana Peer Ghousi Shah was a renowned Muslim Sufi, saint, scholar, writer and poet from the Indian subcontinent; whose poetry in Urdu andPersian is considered to be among the greatest of the modern era. Tayyabat-E-Ghousi is considered one of the famous poetric book in tasawwuf which has a collection of poems - Hamd, Na`at, Manqabath, Rubaiyat . He was the most famous disciple and successor of Syed Kamalullah Shah also known as Machiliwale Shah who in turn became the spiritual master of India’s noted Sufi saints.[1] He was born on 1 July 1893 A.D. in Hyderabad corresponding to 16th zil haj 1310 hejiri. He was 20 when his father died in 1913. Ghousi Shah studied under Maulana Hameedullah. He learnt Urdu, Arabic, Persian: Fiqh, Hadith, Tafseer. He also learnt calligraphy. Ghousi Shah embodied in his person, all the elements of Akhlakhe Muhammadi – the character of the Islamic prophet Mohammed. Ghousi Shah Saheb was a total transparent person. His surrender to God was total. As an orator, he left a deep, intimate impact upon his listeners. He would stir their hearts by his powerful words. As an interpreter of wahdatul wujood he was unique. He was a great Khateeb – an orator who left a great impact upon the audience.

His father, Alhaj Kareemullah Shah, brought him up and initiated him in Tasawwuf. He developed love for Allah after the initiation. This love grew into great passion and ishq, after he met Hazrath Machiliwale Shah. He took Baiyat under him and was awarded khilafath instantly. It was a turning point in his life. Syed Kamalullah Shah(Machiliwale Shah) a businessman from Mysore, surrendered himself to Syed Sultan Mahmoodullah Shah Hussaini, when he first met him in Secunderabad. The meeting transformed him totally. He was initiated in the order. Ghousi Shah was a one-year child, when Syed Sultan Mahmoodullah Shah Hussaini died.

Additional Info

Ghousi Shah Saheb died on 4th Shawwal, 1373 hijri corresponding to Sunday, 6 June 1954 A.D in Hyderabad. He was buried in his father mosque Masjid-E-Kareemullah Shah, 15-6-341, Begum bazaar, Hyderabad, India

  How to Reach: From Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad the dargah is 25.7 KM, Nampally Railway Station 4.2 KM, Kachiguda Railway Station 4.5 KM, Secunderabad Junction 9.6 KM, Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station 2 KM, ,

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