Hazrat Maulana Shah Afzalur Rehman urf Bhole Miyan Sahab (RA)

 Ganj Muradabad,Uttar Pradesh, India


Hazrat Afzalur Rehman (rehmatullah alaih) was a great kamil Auliya Allah, from the age of 7 years none of his namaz were kaza. He took the viel at the staircase of jama masjid, agra, India attaining both Fana and Baqa, The date of the parda is 1st Jamadi-Us-Aakhir, Tuesday, 1422 Hijri.

He was always in the Zikr of Allah, chanting “Allah” “Allah” from the depths of his heart. He was so deeply engrossed in the wazifa called Sultaanul Azkaar which is mostly done by the people of Naqshbandiya Tariqa, that every part of his body would split into pieces, each making zikr of Allah individually and join back later by the will of Allah.

During the last time of his life he was so much absorbed in the love of Allah that he was totaly unware of the worldy matter he left the khanka-e-Fazl-e=Rehmani and went to agra as he was given the order by Hazrat Maulana Fazl-E-Rehma Gunjmuradabadi(rehmatullah alih) who is his spiritual guide he sat there at the staircase of Jama masjid and did chilla for 43 day without eating any thing and took the veil there, on the day of his demice he was smiling as he came to know that today is the day to meet his beloved the most powerfull Allah tala who has created every one and for whose love he had spend his whole life.

While Hazrat Afzalur Rehman urf Bhole Miyan(rehmatullah alaih) was there in agra all the people in gunjmuradabad sharif were searching him becoz know one was knowing where exactly he was not even the closet mureed were knowing where there pir sahab has gone and what was even great that a mureed who use to stay in agra and use to offer namaz at the same masjid where his pir sahab was setting at the stair case but he was unabel to recognise him, it was on the day of demince when the people were making arrangment for the funeral for the unknown body that time he came to know that this man is his pir sahab he cried a lot and then called people at the dargah sahrif, 3- 4 letter were also wriiten by the owner of the SubhanAllah hotel which is next to Jama Masjid who use to offer food to many poor people but whenever he offered food to Hazrat Afzalur Rehman urf Bhole Miyan(rehmatullah alaih) he never had it, after 4-5 days of continues hunger the owner came to know that this man is not an ordinary man infact he is a Wali Allah. On repeated enquiry from the owner of the hotel "who are u" Hazrat Afzalur Rehman urf Bhole Miyan(rehmatullah alaih) told him that my name is my name is Bhole Miyan and i am the gaddi nasheen of Khanka-E-Rehmani. He send 3 letters but none of them reached the khanka-e-rehmani. All the letter came on the day of demice of Hazrat Afzalur Rehman urf Bhole Miyan(rehmatullah alaih).

When people bought his blessed body back to the khanka-e-rehmani it was already 3 days he had died but his body was not decomposed nor it was smelling as other people do, the body was full of dirt due to his contiues (chilla) siiting at the jama masjid. He never left the place whether it was day or night.

Additional Info

When the gusl was given to his blessed body, Hazrat Afzalur Rehman urf Bhole Miyan(rehmatullah alaih) in his life time has said the names of the people who would give him gusul, the same people were giving gusul to his blessed body every one was heart broken as they have lost their kamil pir and were in deep sorrow, as the gusul started Hazrat Afzalur Rehman urf Bhole Miyan(rehmatullah alaih) opened his eyes the people giving gusul were shocked he looked and smiled at all of them giving gusul to his body he did this for 3 times and then closed his eyes finally, He showed the mureed that i am not dead but i have traveled from one place to another and that is why it is called "Parda" in urdu which means veils. when veil is there between u and some one opposite to u cant see what the person on the otherside is doing. His mazar-e-akdas is made in Khanka-e-rehmani next to the mazar sharif of his Pir Shab Hazrat Rehmatullah Miyan sahab(rehmatullah alaih) who was a "abdal" and grand Son of Hazrat Maulana Fazl-E-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rehmatulla alih) he was the care taker of the silsila before Hazrat Afzalur Rehman urf Bhole Miyan(rehmatullah alaih).

  How to Reach: Kanpur Airport 85 KM. One can visit Ganjmuradabad by bus as well as train. There are daily bus service from (Jhakar Katti) near Kanpur Station to Ganjmuradabad its 85 km from there. From Lucknow one has to go to Kaisar Bagh Bus stand there are only four bus service available in the morning till 1 pm ganjmuradabad is 90 km from there. One can also come from Hardoi as well as Unnao its hardly 55 km from there.,

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