Hazrat Babar Auliya (RA) aka Vavaraswami

 Sabarimala,Kerala, India


There is a shrine dedicated to Vavar in Sabarimala next to the main temple. As per Islamic teachings there is no idol, but just a carved stone slab symbolises the deity of Vavar. A green coloured silk cloth is hung across one of the three walls. The fourth side is open. An old sword is also kept near the wall. A Muslim priest still performs the rituals today as he was a Muslim.

There are many legends about Vavar and his association with Ayyappa. Some believe that Vavar was a Muslim saint who migrated from Arabia to India with the intention of spreading Islam. Others suggest that he was a warrior who reached the shore of Kerala as a pirate in a ship to loot and plunder. During his encounter with Lord Ayyappa, he was defeated. Impressed by the youth's valour, Vavar became close associate of Lord Ayyappa and helped him in the wars in the mountainous region. As time passed, Vavar too became an ardent devotee of Ayyappa just like Kaduthaswami and came to be known as Vavar swami. The old sword on the wall of the Vavar shrine symbolises the eminence of Vavar as a great warrior. It is believed that the Lord Ayyappa himself instructed the King of Pandala Desam to build a mosque for Vavar at Erumely in Kottayam District. Sabarimala shrine is about 50 km away, deep in the Forest in Pathanamthitta Association

Additional Info

The Vavur deity is believed to be as old as the original deity of Ayyappa himself, and records show that the shrine was renovated sometime in 1905. There is no distinguishable idol, but a carved stone slab that represents the deity. A green silken cloth is hung across one wall, and there is also an old sword. The special offering here is green pepper. Visiting dargah is compulsory and if some one doesn't perform fateha or visit this dargah they will definetly face problems in their ways or some thing will happen to them if they don't visit this dargah. Many devotees also bring a goat to offer to Vavurswami, mainly in the belief that pilgrims accompanied by a goat will reach the temple safely. These goats are later auctioned by the temple authorities.

  How to Reach: Cochin International Airport 154 KM, Kottayam Railway station, 94 KM, Pamba 5KM The Dargah is situated on a hilltop at an altitude of 468 m (1535 ft) above sea level and is surrounded by mountains and dense forests. Vehicles going to Sabarimala are allowed only up to Pamba which is at a 5 kilometer distance from the temple.,

Nearest City : Pamba
Nearest Bus Stop : Pamba
Nearest Airport : Cochin International Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Kottayam
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Website : http://www.sabarimala.org/vavur-swami.htm
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