Hazrat Maulana Syed Hasan Raza Raipuri

 Raipura,Bihar, India


Hazrat Maulana Syed Hasan Raza Raipuri was born in 1154 Hijri at Fatuha, Raipura village in Patna. His father, Hazrat Syed Abdullah, was a hereditary preceptor (peer). The tradition and order of Sufism was descending in his family from generation to generation. As per tradition he started acquiring education. He attained expertise in Islamic education in accordance with the contemporary curriculum. He then got attracted towards the accompaniment of Aulia Allah. It was those days when Hazrat Munim Pak had arrived at Patna from Delhi and his popularity had spread all over. At the age of 16, he came to Hazrat Makhdoom and, being influenced by him, became a disciple (murid) under his sacred hands. After that he continued to remain in his service for 15 years, attained all around perfection and achieved accomplishment. Hazrat Makhdoom Munim Pak granted him Ijazah and Khilafah. He was very dear to his preceptor (peer-o-murshid). That is why when Hazrat Makhdoom Munim pak was asked as to which caliph he wanted to be his successor (Sajjada Nashin), he replied that he liked Hassan Raza. When he was 31, Hazrat Makhdoom departed his life on 11th Rajab 1185 Hijri and, on the day of his Chaharum, all the scholars (Ulemas) and Mashayekhs of the city appointed him as the successor of Hazrat Makhdoom Munim Pak. He ornamented the seat of Hazrat Makhdoom Munim Pak for 30 years.

He was strictly bound to Islamic canon (Shariah) and he never missed telling the beads (wird-o-wazaif) together with Namaz and other prayers in the silence of the night time. He also used to teach the globally renowned Masnavi of Maulana Rumi to his disciples. He was unconquered by the materialistic fascination of the world. He spent all his life relying on Allah in an ascetic way (faqirana). He liked smoking Hubble Bubble (Hooqa). Whenever he tossed up the smoke from his hubble bubble on someone, he would be lost in pure and unrestrained joy.

Once he went to Phulwari sharif to attend the annual urs ceremony in the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal. The program of pure Sufi Qawwali was going on and people were delightedly swinging. Two Englishmen came from somewhere and started laughing at the emotions of the people. At that time, he was smoking Hooqa at the veranda next to the hall where Qawwali was going on. Seeing the mock laughter of the foreigners, he drew a pulling from the hooqa and threw its smoke on them. Their laughter disappeared instantly and both of them got carried away by the emotion. They started heaving a sigh, raising slogans and rolling on the floor. Seeing their condition, people somehow removed apart the weapons from their belts so that they might not get hurt or injured while they were elated. After sometime when their condition improved, both of them fell on his feet with extreme veneration and were accepted. Thereafter, they always used to come see him at Meetan ghat and got benefited.

He was very soft-spoken and kind-hearted. A huge number of common people were his disciples (murids), especially the number of his murids in Patna, Barh, Surajgadha, north Bihar and eastern Bihar was very large.

Additional Info

He departed his life on 12 Muharram-ul- Haram 1215 Hijri at the age of 60. His shrine (mazar-e-mubarak) is still a centre of reverence for the people in the premises of his Eidgah at his village Raipura in Fatuha of Patna district. His famous caliphs are as follows: 1. Shah Rahmatullah (Biharsharif) 2. Maulana Shah Abdur Rahman Muwahhid Lucknavi (Pandayan, Lucknow, U.P.) 3. Syed Shah Shamsuddin Husain Danapuri (the father of Aalahazrat Syed Shah Quamruddin Hussain Munemi) 4. Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Quadir (the maternal uncle of Aalahazrat Syed Shah Quamruddin Hussain) 5. Hazrat Shah Ibrahim Hussain Naoabadi (Shah Bhoju Saheb) The famous poet Quazi Muhammad Sadique Khan Akhtar etc. included his disciples (murids)

  How to Reach: From Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport Patna the dargah is 34.6 KM. It is 28.7 KM from Patna Jn. and 4.5 KM from Fatuha Junction railway station. ,

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Nearest Railway Station : Fatuha Junction
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