Pimpalgoan Sarai,Maharashtra, India


The Dargah Sharif of HAZRAT HAJI ABDUR REHMAN SHAH urf SAILANI SHAH BABA is in Chikhli Taluka of BULDANA Dist. "Sharif Sailani Shah, it is said, hailed from northen India, most probably Delhi. On coming to Pimplegaon Sarai he cured many persons possed by evil elements. His fame thereby spread all over the neighbouring districts and devotees started coming in large numbers for getting rid of evil elements.

The 'dargah' is said to have built when the Saint left this material world in 1908 and since then the 'urus is held to perpetuate his memory.

The main entrance to the "dargah" faces the north with an other door facing the south, which is used as exit.
It has sloped tin sheet roof. At the centre of the shrine there is the tomb of Sharif Shah Miya constructed in bricks and lime.

There is another tomb a furlong away to the east of the 'dargah' where Sharif Sailani Shah Miya died. This tomb is also covered with a tin shed.

The tomb is worshipped twice a day by burning 'lubhan' and offfering prayers. The tomb is washed with rose-water on every Friday and the water is distributed amongest the devotees. It is not customery to offer cooked food by way of'nayaz' though cooked food is sometimes offered by the devotees.

It is believed that the Saint is capable of showering blessings.

Promises of offerings to the Saint are, therefore , made with various motives, and on fulfillment of the desires, the things promised, such as 'galaf', sweets, etc., are offered.

It is a very Popular pilgrimage place For Hindus as well as for Muslims . Every Year At "Holy Poornima", A Great Yatra Is Performed Here . Near About 5 To 6 Lakhs Of Pilgrimages Are Comes Here To Worship From All Over The Cuntry. Here One Thing Is Popular That , If Some One Is Suffering By Black Magic (Karni) If He Visits Here , Definatly He Will Get Relief From That Black Magic. On 5th Or 6th Day Of Holy Poornima , A Procession Comes Here From A Nearby Village Pimpalgaon To Sailani Baba Dagra Which Is Popular As "Sandal". Here Many Devotees Offers Free Food To The Pilgrims. Any One Who Visits Here By His Heart Feelings He Will Defiantly Awarded By Mercy Of Baba Sailani. Wagh Jali is an interesting section of this Dargah and it is said that those under the influence of Black Magic cannot pass through this Jali.

Additional Info

The annual urs of Baba started since 1908 and a gradual increase of visitors is seen who are followers of Sailani Baba who come to pay homage to their Peer. Approximately 8-10 Lac people now visit the Shrine during the annual urs which is usually celebrated in the month of March, beginning from Holy Poornima. The urs celebration starts with Holi ritual, in which only coconuts are burnt and nothing else. It is believed that if utara is done by coconut then those under the influence of evil spirits gets recovered.

  How to Reach: From Aurangabad Airport the dargah is 130 KM, 70 KM from Malkapur Railway Station. The dargah lies on Chikhli-Dhad road and is abuot 15 miles from Chikhli. Private buses ply regularly between Chikhli and Dhad and extra buses run during the period of the "urus". ,

Nearest City : Aurangabad
Nearest Bus Stop : Sailani Baba Dargha
Nearest Airport : Aurangabad Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Malkapur
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Contact Person Phone: 86001 77193
Website : http://sailanibaba.com
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