Angaar shah Baba (R.A)

 Palitana,Gujarat, India


The shrine of Palitana Angar Pir is an ancient monument which had been highly respected by the locals there. It dates back to ages.

People have a belief that all the wishes are granted if asked at this complex of Angar Pir Shrine in Palitana.

Angar Pir was a Sufi saint who used to live here in the 14th century when this region was invaded by Allauddin Khilji, who had taken away the riches of the Shatrunjaya temple. Angar Pir believed in the sacredness of temples however he followed the different religion had turned up to their protection. It was with the help of his prayers, power and devotion that he hurled fire on the armies invading there and therefore protected the temples from demolition.

He was a man who believed in the sanctity of holy sites of others. The dargah of Angar Pir can be approached before the complex of first major temple where the path is said to fork, several people prefer to take the short cut on the left side bypassing the dargah, one should take care of opting the right path for leading the dargah, which is a small shrine having a green flag.

The blessings of Pir are invoked by the women who do not have children and when they pray there at dargah they believe to be blessed with children. There are small cradles offered to the Pir and the shrine remains spotted with these cradles.

Additional Info

Today people from all faiths come here and request for favours. Its an interesting tradition, as you ask for something you leave a small symbol of what you want from the Pir. So childless women leave a wooden cradle, people with Asthma leave Asthma pumps and so on. You can be very imaginative here. Of course, once you wishes are fulfilled you come back and make a donation and offer a chadder to the Pir.

  How to Reach: From Bhavnagar Airport Angar Pir dargah is 63 KM, from Palitana Railway station it is 9.3 KM and from Palitana Bus Station 8.4 KM. There are private and State transport buses which run to Palitana from different cities in Gujarat and even the city remains connected to Mumbai.,

Nearest City : Bhavnagar
Nearest Bus Stop : Dungarpur
Nearest Airport : Bhavnagar
Nearest Railway Station : Palitana
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