Hazrat Haji Hafiz Shah Syed Qurban Ali Shah Badakhshani

 Rajgarh,Madhya Pradesh, India


Hazrat Haji Hafiz Shah Syed Qurban Ali Shah Badakhshani Al-Maroof Baba Badakhshani R.A was a born Wali Allah. e Was Born in Badakshan (Afganistan) in 1245 Hijri. He is a Hassani Sayed From His Father Side And Hussaini Sayed from his mother side. His father was a Horse trader. He originated from Makkah Sharif but later got settled in Badakshan. When Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) was 11 years old he competed his uloom-e-zahaeri studies and was now in search for a kamil pir who would teach his ilme tasawuf and how to walk on rahe sulook. Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) went to for a business trip with his uncle to Arab and after the trip got over he went for Haj and then to Madina Shairf Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) stayed there for 7 years . One day Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) saw our Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alahi-wasalm) in dream our Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alahi-wasalm) said to Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) go towards India and showed him the picture of Bareli Sharif the place where his Pir-O-Musrhid Hazrat Niyaz Ahmed Sahab (rehmatullah alaih) was.

Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) reached Delhi (India) in 1268 Hijri and visited many Buzurg-e-Kamil and from there Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) went to meet his Pir Sahab. Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) said when I reached Bareli Sharif and took bayat from my Pir Sahab it was the same Place and same face which I have seen in the dream.

After Bayat Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) Spent most of his time in the compnay of his Pir Sahab doing khidmat of his Pir and offering Namaz Day and Night .
He got the khilafat in 1287 Hijri. He was then ordered to go back to his village by his Murshid. On his way back home Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) went hor Haj again and from there Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) went to Madina Shairf Our Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alaihi-wasalm) Ordered him to go back to India and spread din-e-islam there. Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) reached Bhopal in 1297 traveling through Lucknow and Bareli Sharif on his way he had made many mureed and shown many miracles.

Additional Info

Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) took the veil from this world on 20th Ramzan 1334 Hijri at that time his age was 70 years. Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) got the khilafat when he was 30years of age he got the khilafat from silsila-e-qadariya and chistiya. Since then his anniversary is celebrated as "URS" in the month of March from 10-12. People of all communities from all over the India and some of other countries come in to the URS for spiritual gain.

  How to Reach: The dargah is around 130 km from Bhopal airport. One can take private taxi or bus from Bhopal bus stand for Rajgarh. Trains are available for Biyavra Rajgarh station which is around 24 km from the dargah.,

Nearest City : Rajgarh
Nearest Bus Stop : Rajgarh Bus Stand
Nearest Airport : Raja Bhoj Airport, Bhopal
Nearest Railway Station : Biyavra Rajgarh
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