Hazrat Sayed Baba Badam Shah Uvasiya (R.A)

 Somalpur,Rajasthan, India


This Dargah stands in between the beautiful hills of Aravali. Baba Badam Shah was born at Galib village of Mainpuri district (UP) in 1870. He began his spiritual journey at the age of 14. Baba got attracted towards spirituality after he came in contact with Saint Prem Das. Baba left his home and family in order to gain knowledge of spiritual world. Saint Prem Das didn’t accept baba as his disciple and told him that he’ll meet his spiritual guru at Ajmer. Baba worked as a ward boy, served in military then finally left job and went to Ajmer. He served at Khwaja Garib Nawaz shrine for 5 years waiting for his spiritual guru and one fine day he met Sayyad Mohammad Nizam ul Haq who accepted him as his disciple. After his spiritual training he was ordered to be completely involved in prayers and serving mankind. People from distant places started visiting Baba for his guidance and help and got benefits. Baba treated all visitors in a similar way irrespective of their castes and religions.
The shrine houses a Hindu as well a Muslim place of worship. Every day, the aarti takes place in the Shiv temple here, followed by the Azan at the adjoining mosque. The Sufi saint never discriminated amongst his followers who were from different faiths. He built the temple and the mosque for his followers besides his prayer seat by inviting donations from people of all faiths. The Sufi was also known as Sat Guru108 Shri Hazrat Sayed Baba Badam Shah Uvasiya.

The shrine's present Gaddi Nashin, Ram Mishra has been taking care of the sanctum sanctorum ever since his father Hari Prasad 'Uvasiya' passed away in 2008. Late Hari Prasad was a follower of the Sufi saint and received the title of 'Kalandar' from his guru.
The Mishra family, which now has around 50 members, came in contact with the Sufi saint five years before he died on November 26, 1965. The saint, during his last days, declared Hari Prasad Mishra his successor. Hari Prasad was so intensely in love with his Guru that he declared that he too should be buried in accordance with the Islamic teachings. His grave, which is in the same village, is equally revered by the devotees visiting the shrine.

The Sufi saint had authorized the Mishra family to perform all ceremonies in the Dargah in accordance with Islamic teachings. The entire family not only reads and recites Quran, but it can even discuss issues like rights of women in Islam. It can narrate the entire story of Hazrat Imam Hussien (the grandson of Prophet Mohammad) during Moharram. The family today proudly calls itself the torchbearer of the 'Uvasiya' sect. "Our festivals cannot be completed without seeking blessings of the Baba" said Rajnikant Mishra Uvasiya, the younger brother of late Hari Prasad.

Additional Info

Inside the dargah's main compound, the family has set up a khangah (a place for meditation). The common wall between the sanatorum and khangah has a picture of Lord Ram.

  How to Reach: The dargah is 149 km from Jaipur International Airport , 9.4 Km from Ajmer Railway Station and 11.4 Km from Ajmer Bus Stand. Local bus, taxi and three wheel auto are easily available to go to the shrine,

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