Hazrat Syed Omer Hussaini

 Hyderabad,Telangana, India


Hazrat Syed Omer Hussaini was son of Hazrat Parvarish Ali Hussaini R.A. He was a great Sufi and Islamic Scholar of his time. He mastered many languages and possessed good knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence.

After the sad demise of his beloved father at a very young age of four, he was raised and brought up in the supervision of his brother Khwaja Saheb R.A. He completed his religious education under the supervision of Hazrat Khwaja Mahbooballah Qazipura.

His services to the people of Deccan during the time of Plague were notable . His works Tafseer –e- Quadriya and translation of the Holy Quran are the most commendable and a continuing sawab e jaariya. This legacy of the completion of translation of Quran-e-Pak was accomplished by his noble son Hazrat Syed Mohammad Badshah Hussaini R.A alias Layeeq. These are some of the notable services to the society during his times. His powerful oratory skills of Sermons and Waaz transformed and attracted huge masses towards better understanding Quran, Islamic values and Prophetic traditions with his unparalled knowledge of Deen and exemplary practice of Zikr. These Manjalis and religious convocations reflected upon illuminating the souls of the elite and common folks to this day. Even the Nizam of Hyderabad used to attend to his Sermons and Manjalis with great devotion.

Additional Info

Hazrath Omer Pir and Khawaja Saheb’s parents are the direct descendents of the HolyProphet Sallallallaho Alaihewo Sallam (PBUH) and to Hazrat Ali and Lady Fatimatuzzahra (RA) PBUH. Hazrat Omer Saheb’s School of thought is directly linked to Hazrat Syedna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani Ghousul Azam R.A and Hazrat Mahbooballah R.A ie. Teaching of Quran and Sunnah Tasawwuf for the Elite and shariah for the common folk. A Great Sufi Saint great preacher reviver of Sunnah , a theologian.

  How to Reach: From Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Qadri chaman is around 17 Km. It is 7.5 Km from Nampally Railway Station and 500 m from Falaknuma station. The distance of qadri chaman from MGBS Bus Stand is 5.7 Km. However the nearest local bus stop, Engine Bowli, is only 750 m Taxis and autos are easily available for Qadri chaman, and the place is easily accessible by buses and MMTS trains,

Nearest City : Hyderabad
Nearest Bus Stop : Engine Bowli
Nearest Airport : Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Falaknuma
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