Sayagyi Fakir Al-Hajj Mohammad Saleh Ahmed Kotwal, B.Sc

 Thanlyin,Yangon Region, Myanmar


In the Name Of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate. “Sayagyi Fakir Al-Hajj Mohammad Saleh Ahmed Kotwal, B.Sc. ( Sheikul Burma) " Founder of Tabligul Momeneen Haroonia; Qadaria; Chistia and Owaisia Tarika Silsila Orders. (1329-1412 A.H / 1910-1992 A.D) Sayagyi Fakir Al-Hajj Mohammad Saleh Ahmed Kotwal, B.Sc ; was direct decendant of the illustrious family of the holy Prophet Mohammed ( May the peace and blessings of Allah be on him).His paternal genealogy is directly from the Hazrat Imman Hasan and Maternal genealogy is traced directly from the Hazrar Iman Hussein. Thus, He was both Hasani and a Husaini.He alsobelonged to the directly lineage of Prophet Dawood (A.S) and prophet Solaimah(A.S). His parents were saintly person; Haji Sayed Hussein Kotwal and Haji-ma Rasool bi Arif Jolia ; and his grand parents were Haji Syed Arif Ahmad Jolia and Haji-ma Daw Min Dwe.He was born on the 14 Ramadan,1329 A.H (1910 A.D); at his home in Tha-ton,Mon State.The parents gave birth to him, through the doa,blessing and behedicitions from the great Saint Hazart Sultan Bayazid Busthami(R) .On birth, he was named Mohammed Saleh , but the eyes of the child remained. After the forty days had passed, a strange and distinguished looking Majzood appeared at their home and recited Maulood Shareef , Doas and blessings , did he open his eyes. Since his early age, he got a reputation in honesty,pious character and extraordinary talents in both science education and theology.Even in his adolescence,when he was engaged in his studies,he veered round to the spiritual world,with deep and intense studies in Quran and Hadith he received B.Sc Degree from the Rangoon University in 1932,passed with credit in Chemistry ; where he stood first in order of merit ,achieving gold modal for his outstanding performance. In 1932, He Served as the principal of the Burma Muslim High School in Yangon,where he was devoted to teaching both formal education as well as religious topics, together with sports,recreation and especially social and financial well fare for the poor and needy students. In 1935,He was married to Marian Salehgyi Hajima Fatima Musa Aakoogyi, from a very rich family,she was also not an ordinary lady.she also had a very noble blood in her veins from a noble family.She was a saintly person, gentle, plous and very very generous. In 1936,he left for his momentous journey to Mecca by a steam liner to perform Hajj; arriving at Mecca on 15 October 1936,on the night of Shabebarat. After Hajj, he remained in Mecca for six months, where he offered and conduct incessant prayers and meditation. In 1941,he obtained Khelafat from Sheik Ibrahim Renderee who happened to be the spiritual successor of the great saint ,Pir Dada Hajji Amdadulla Mohajeri Mecci(R). In 1950,He got Basharat from the holy prophet to perform Hajj again.After Hajj.He remained in Madina for six more months,to offer incessant prayers and to Jordan, Jherusalem, Karbala, Baghdad,Ajmer,delhi,Multan,Jhelum and Chittagong meeting numerous venerable Sufis and Dervishes and many desciples along the tour. He also paid homage to many Dargahs,Mazar Shareefs;maturing experiences,attaining Devine illuminations and blessings from the Luminary Khalifas and dervishes; from whom he also received MUSTAFAWI TABARUKAAT sacred relics of prophets and wali Auliyas,traditionally handed down by the sufi Dervishes to the spiritual successors;from generation to generation;such as Asa-E-Mubarik (sacred staff) , Khriqa (Sacred Robe);empowered to weat AHRAMM; to possess beads (green, red, black, white &Yellow); prestigious command to light CHIRAG; endowed with supernatural powers to cure diseases of unusual and mysterious nature. From these extensive journeys, He also achieved many ritualistic procedures to perform and conduct such as Uroos,Zakir,Wazifas and methodologies for prayers ,meditations on Shabe Meraj,Shabe barat,Shabe Qadar and divine knowledge on haquiqat and trikat. After Hajj in 1950, He renounced the world and totally immersed himself in teaching,preaching Islam cultures and Tarika ,all over the country; especially in the Ayayarwaddy delta villages where he moved from one village to another, preaching and teaching basic Islam cultures,namaz,zikir to the ignorant Muslim villagers , both young and old ,providing make shift school, Mosque, assisting financially and many more. He Founded,His TARIKA in 1950 ; based on eleven Luminous Tarikas namely ; Qadari, Chistia, Solaimania, NakshaBandia, Owaisia, Rafia, Sabaria, Attasia, Maulawia, Shazalia and surharwardiya Tarikas. In 1953,after his third round of Hajj,He went to Beghdad,where He stayed for six months at the Dargah of the great saint Sheik Abdul Qadar Gilani(R) ,Offer prayers and meditations.Sheik Abdul Qadar awarded him the title of “ Sheikul Burma “as well as granting a set of “ Zikir-Khaso-Um” together with the grace to use “DUFF” in Uroos ceremonies,Zikir Majlis.etc.He got his first opportunity to recite this newly adopted Zikir together with Duff at Jherusalem( Baithul-Mo-Kaddus).On the special occasion of Meraj night .Consequently, due to his dedication and great effort the Tarika disseminated and soon flourished all over the country. In 1955, Upon his fourth Hajj He was awarded OWAISIA Sissila from Hazrat Owais Karni (R), On the month of Sufa in Mecca. According to the tradition of Owaisia Tarika,he was thus allowed to wear Ahraam, a white piece of cloth with no stitches, to cover the body and another piece of white cloth to wear around the shoulder; which he adorned ,despite any kind of weather ,through out the rest of his life.He performed future Hajj in 1958 ,1962 and 1979 respectively totaling seven Hajj. Since the days before he took charge as principal of the Burma Muslim High School , Sayargyi had been fasting every alternate days, through out the year, Sufis and Dervishes ,He not only infatuated hundreds of mureeds ,desciples and devotees,by his charisma and spiritual magnetism. But also demonstrated love and compassion to all, despite cast or creed and to all religious, especially fond of Myanmar Cultures and traditions. Besides showing Mecca and Media in each of His eyes and in his Rings; Healing and curing mysterious illness and diseases immediately ,many wonderful Karamats were emanate from him, Yet he lived in an exemplary simple and austerity all his life. Sayargyi was such a devine and unforgettable characters,possessed amazing features,with the skin soft and pink in texture : an optimum build with a white mane of Zulfa ,Touching the shoulders and a white flowing beard.He was deeply absorbed in his mission, constantly moving from one place to another ,carry out Uroos,Salvaging and maintaining numerous dargahs ;initiating and guiding the followers ,practical tutelage in Islam. He had specially assigned all mureeds to conduct five Major Uroos every year. Which are Mektila Dargah Uroos on 12 February,Pathein Dargah Uroos on 11 April , Taungyi Dargah Uroos on 1 May, Yamethin Dargah Uroos on 19 july and Thanlyin Pannch Pir Dargah Uroos in December. Sayargyi was a great Saint ,a Schoolar and a Laureate.Highly proficient in English, Arabic,Urdu,Latin andFarsi Languages.He had penned many articles , Scripts, Bulletins on spiritualism,Tarikat ,Haqiqat and Marifat ;Thousands of English poems poetic rhymes and verses, touching on many aspects of life , modern world , scientific fields , Quite a lot of his Literatures had appeared in international magazines and Muslim Digest. Very widely travelled abroad, a voracious reader, Sayargyi is a Legend as a modern; Lively person with a tremendous zest in life and yet remaining and inspiring as a very simple , a very deeply religious person. His main Khanka was in Thanlyin Paanch Pir Dargah where he had spent a lot of his time,during Uroos period ,Ramadam,Mahauram.He had proclaimed many years ahead that after his demise.He is to be buried between the two Saints ,Hazrat Jahangir and Hazrat Badare Aalam.At last his wish was fulfilled when his soul had relinquished his mortal remains , on 14 Shaban 1412 A.H. ( 17 February 1992 ).

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Sayargyi left behind three sons six daughters many grand Children ,great grand children ,hundred of Mureeds, follower ,desciples, both within the country and abroad.

  How to Reach: It located across Bago River from the city of Yangon.Many of people(Taxi driver ) know Thanlyin Paanch Pir Dargah. It have Dargah Bus stop as well.The street name is Dargah and you will fine many famous Sufi there as well.,

Nearest City : Yangon
Nearest Bus Stop : Dargah Lansone Bus stop
Nearest Airport : Yangon International Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Thanlyin Railway Station
Contact Person Name : Haji -Imaram (great-grand-son)
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