Hazrat Syed Shah Hameed Auliya (R.A)

 Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu, India


Hazrat Syed Shah Hameed Auliya (R.A) belongs to Qadri, Chisti Sufi Order. Hazrat Syed Shah Hameed Auliya (R.A) is the great grand son of Hazrat Ghaus-E-Azam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani (R.A).

Additional Info

This dargah is more than 600 years old

  How to Reach: From Chennai Air Port Syed Sha Hameed dargah is 63 KM. It is 700 m from Kanchipuram New Railway Station, 1.7 KM from Kanchipuram East station and 1.5 KM from Kanchipuram Bus Stand.,

Nearest City : Kanchipuram
Nearest Bus Stop : Kanchipuram Bus Stand
Nearest Airport : Chennai Air Port
Nearest Railway Station : Kanchipuram New Railway Station
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