Baba Sayed Insan Ali Shah R.A

 Luthra ,Chhattisgarh, India


Hazrat Baba Insan Ali Shah was born in 1845, in a Muslim family. The name of his father was Syed Mardan Ali, Johar Ali was the name of his grandfather and Syed Haidar Ali Sahib was his great grandfather. Baba Insan Ali’s mother was Begumjaan and his maternal grandfather was Tahir Ali Sahib.

Tahir Ali Sahib was a very popular ‘Malgujar’ and his fame had spread in the entire of Luthra Sharif. An extremely religious and faithful man, Tahir Ali Sahib was completely devoted his religion. He was one of those intensely devout great men who had completed the entire ‘Hajj Yatra on foot Right from his childhood, Baba Syed Insan Ali Shah was influenced by his thinking. Tahir Ali Sahib shared a beautiful connection with his grandson and inspired Baba Syed Insan Ali Shah to become a great man. Luthra Sharif imbibed the values of his grandfather into his own life and changed the way world saw him.

There is no record of when Hazrat Shah Baba Insan Ali Rehmat Ullah’s ancestors come to Chhatisgarh. But it is so believed that the familys first troupe (syed haidar ali) came from delhi, reaching Bhopal. Via Bhopal they reached Surguja and then went to Ratanpur. Later Ratanpur and Bachoda village making it their destination for settlement .some say that baba syed insane ali shahs paternal grandfather johar ali sahib lived with his entire family in bilaspur .some say that Baba Syed Insan Ali Shah father syed mardan ali sahib, and he himself were both born here. It is noteworthy that hazrat shah baba insan ali was married to umed be, the daughter of a landlord called Mohinuddin Sahib , from the Gotiya family of Khamriya village. Therefore, he got a lot of land in luthra sharif and made it his place of work.

It is said that Hazarat Shah Baba Insane Ali had a tumultuous family life. His wife gave birth to a daughter whose untimely demise haunted the two .the mother could ‘not live with the sorrow of her daughter death and passed away. Hazarat Shah Baba Insane Ali was completely shattered but did not give up hope. He was a very calm and quiet person, who locked away the sorrow inside his heart.

It is said that adversity builds true character and the same came true for Hazrat Shah Baba Insane Ali. During these difficult times, his life changed completely. Baba Syed Insan Ali Shah was a very different man who never cared about food, clothing or other luxuries of life. People would find his talks irrational and he would cut himself away from the world. Silence became his only companion and religion became his best friend. He would seek solitude atop a distant mountain or during the stillness of the night. At times he would retire into the dense forest or meditate on the banks of Tranquil pond. The more time he spent in retrospection, the more learned he became. Finally, he attained wisdom and people began to call him a saint.

During this phase, Baba Syed Insane Ali Shah was blessed by Baba Tajuddin of Nagpur. His visits to the Baba’s Durbar in Nagpur increased. This was how Baba Syed Insan Ali Shah received ‘Ruhaniyat Daulat’ and his name was mentioned in most of the holy scriptures of Nagpur. He loved to speak in Chhattisgarhi and this was one the main reasons of his popularity in Chhattisgarh. Unfortunate and poor people from far-off lands would seek his blessing and return happily. Baba Syed Insan Ali Shah was enlightened man who would free people of various problems. He had surprised many with his miracles and his stories amused people. Slowly his frame spread like wild fire.

There is an unusual incident that took place. One day people were sitting together and eating food, when suddenly Baba Syed Insan Ali Shah started to chant “Oman Bach Gayin Re... Oman Bach Gayin”. The people sitting there got up instantly, but were shocked to see few people arriving in a jeep and falling down at Baba's feet.

It was only after much research that the folks found out the truth. It had so happened that a jeep was speeding on the roads and one of its tyres' burst, sending it crashing into a deep valley. At the same time, Baba appeared and caught the jeep, saving the people from dying a horrendous death. After the jeep stopped, the men got out to thank the great man who saved them, astonished to see he had vanished. Known for many such miracles, Baba Syed Insan Ali Shah, relieved people of their troubles and gave them a new life.

Even today, people flock to his Dargah and feel his gracious presence. Miracles still come alive as the desires of devotees are fulfilled. Luthra Sharif is famous for Hazrat Baba's Dargah and millions flock here to witness life-changing experiences. The unique feature of this Dargah is that devout from all religions can come here and seek the blessing of this great saint. Luthra Sharif is a famous Dargah of Chhattisgarh. For tourists it is a great attraction and the Bilaspur tour cannot be complete without visiting the Luthra Sharif Dargah.

Additional Info

A man, who would live for hundred years, suddenly fell ill, making his devotees worried. On the fateful day of 28th September 1960, a mysterious smile was plastered on his lips. This lifted the spirits of his devotees, who thought that Hazrat Baba Syed Insan Ali was becoming better. But nobody knew that this was the radiant flickering of the flame before it finally burned out. Soon, the sun melted into the shadows and Hazrat Baba breathed his last. It seemed like all hope had disappeared from this world.

  How to Reach: From Swami Vivekananda Airport, Raipur Luthra Sharif is 164 KM. It is 28 KM from Bilaspur Jn and 34 KM from New Bus Stand Bilaspur. Lutra Sharif Dargah can be reached by private or public transportation through Seepat-Balauda road.,

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Nearest Railway Station : Bilaspur Jn
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