Hadhrat Makhdoom Shaikh-ul-Aalam Shaikh Ahmad Abdul Haque Sahib-e-Tosha Rudaulwi Quddisa Sirrohu

 Rudauli,Uttar Pradesh, India


The main dargah is dedicated to Hazrat Makhdum Shaikh Ahmad Abdul Haq, who was a member of the Chishtiya Sabriya Sufi order.

His parental lineage connects through a few lines of communication, with Sayyiduna Hadhrat Farooque-e-Aazam (RadiAllahu Ta’la Anh) and spiritual lineage with Huzoor Sultan-ul-Hind Hadhrat Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz (Rahimahullah Ta’la) by only five chains of communication.
Huzoor Shaikh-ul-Aalam's whole life was full of service of Islam and was the revival of Sunnism too. The Khanqah, established by him, is moving rapidly with its highly status on the path of our Sufi Saints. Today, all around the world, every branch of Silsila-e-Sabiriya is only the blessings and the result of predominant position of Huzoor Shaikh-ul-Aalam.

Hadhrat Makhdoom Shaikh-ul-Aalam Shaikh Ahmad Abdul-Haque Farooqui Chishti Sabri Sahib-e-Tosha Rudaulwi Quddisa sirrohu d. 838 (a.h.), founded, the first ever islmaic spiritual monastry (khanqah) of Silsila-e-Sabriya Chishtiya about six and half hundreds years ago, in his native place rudauli sharif, whose main objective was to guide and serve the whole humanity and to move them towards Allah.
After his demise, his successors, in terms of time and circumstances took forward their primary objective until the present time, therefore, 597 years after his demise (wisal) the monastery (khanqah) founded by him has given bigger impact in most parts of the world and successfully flagged for their academic and spiritual success.

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The annual celebration (Urs) is observed every year on the 14th and 15th of the Islamic month of Jamadi ul-Akhir.

  How to Reach: From Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport Lucknow , Dargah Rudauli Sharif is 108 KM and 44 KM from Faizabad Airport. It is 2.2 KM from Rudauli station,

Nearest City : Faizabad
Nearest Bus Stop : Rudauli
Nearest Airport : Faizabad Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Rudauli
Contact Person Name : Hazrat Shah Ammar Ahmad Ahmadi Nayyar Miyan Sahab Qibla Sajjada-Nasheen Khanqah
Contact Person Phone: 09935329901, 09415075528
Website : makhdoom-e-rudauli.org
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