Hazrath Thameem Ansari

 Kovalam,Tamil Nadu, India


was born in Medina and accepted Islam in Mecca before the Hijrath of Prophet Muhammad.He belonged to the tribe of Al-Kajraj and his father was Yu-Aar. He is one among 313 Sahabas who participated in Jank-e-Badr (Badr War). He stayed in the world of Jinns (A'lam-ul-Jinn) to teach Jinns about Islam for five years, which was commanded by Prophet Muhammad. Before his visit to A'lam-ul-Jinn, he was gifted with a holy ring which was bearing "Asma-ul-Zalzalooth" by Prophet Muhammad and was said that it would be on his holy finger till the day of Qayamath, when he meets Prophet Muhammad in Mahshar Maidhan. He visited Asia continent during the time of Khilafath of Ameer-ul-M'umineen, Hazrath Umar Farook. The kingdom of Sindh was under the holy feet of Hazrat Thameemul Ansari for 18 years. He had instructed his disciples to cast his Janazah Mubarak (remains) into the sea after his death. After the last instructions from Syedina, Hazrath Thameem-ul-Ansari as stated above, his disciples did the same and it is said that the Janazah Mubarak was in the sea for about 5 years and it was guarded by the big fishes during this time. Eventually, one big fish brought the Janazah Mubarak nearer to sea shore of Kovalam.
It is also said that the Nawab of Wallajah, Nawab Muhammed Saadatullah Khan, had a dream in which Hazrat Syedina Thameemul Ansari requested him to proceed to Kovalam, where he would find the latter's Janazah Mubarak on Kovalam beach, and asked him to bury it there. When the Nawab reached the beach, he found the Janazah Mubarak and when he opened the same, he found the sacred body fresh along with some documents, which proved that he was Sahabi-e-Rasool Sallalahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

The Nooraniyyath reflected from the sacred face of Hazrat Syedina Thameemul Ansari touched the hearts of the all who participated in the funeral cermony. The Nawab duly buried the sacred body of this great Sahabi-e-Rasool Sallalahu Alaihi wa Sallam and built the Dargah Shareef at the site.
The Dargah Shareef of Syedina Hazrath Thameem-ul-Ansari (Rizwan Allahi Tha'alahi Alaihim Ajmaeen) is a sacred place which has solved the problems of large number of people from all walks of life. The Dargah Shareef is a highly Spritual Markaz of Roohaniyats, Nooraniyath, Rahmaths and Barkats of Allah Shanahu Thaalah which one can come to know only if they visit the Dargah Shareef and in the entire journey one can notice great rahmats and barkats. Millions of Ashiqueens of Hazrat Rasool-e-kareem Sallalahu Alaihi wo salam and Auliyas have visited this great Dargah shareef.

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The first Thursday after the first full moon of each month is a day of devotion. Though the Dargah is open from 5.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m., some devotees spend the night there.

  How to Reach: From Chennai airport the dargah is around 40 km. Buses are available from Thirusoolam National Airport/Trisulam bus stop, however these buses doesn't go directly to dargah. From Chennai central station the dargah is around 38 km. uses are available from Central bus stop, however these buses doesn't go directly to dargah. Direct buses are available from CMBT bus stand to Kovalam ,

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