Hazrat Shah Behlan urf Bholu Shah R.A

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Hazrat Shah Behlan urf Bholu Shah R.A was an 18th-century Muslim Sufi saint from Dehli, India. He was a Majzoob who belonged to the Qadri order. Bholoo Shah’s birthplace is considered to be Punjab. This was before the partition of the Indian subcontinent when the Mughal era was on the rise.

He migrated to Delhi from Punjab leaving his family behind. In Delhi, he got beneficence from Shah Abdul Hameed and became his spiritual successor. Some scholars opine that he was the disciple and khalifah of Shah Abdul Hameed in Qadri Razzaqi Order and also enjoyed the company of Shah Nano and Shah Fakhr-ud-Din Chishti.

The dargah (mausoleum or shrine) is at the Kabuli Darwaza (west side of the Red Fort). The shrine of Bholoo Shah which used to be in Kabuli darwaza has now been removed but only its remains are visible. Nearby is the shrine of his disciple Shah Mohammad Hafeez and his son Shah Ghulam Mohammad is also buried nearby.

Some sources cite that Bholoo Shah died on the 20th Moharram 1024 AH or 10 October 1789 CE and his shrine along with a mosque enclosure is near the railway line, under the left side of the Mithai Bridge (Lahori Gate 4, Old Dehli 6). His khalifah Shah Hafeez-ur-Rehman is buried nearby who died on the 30th Ziquad 1236 AH 28 August 1821 CE during the reign of Akbar Shah II (1806–1837). Shah Hafeez-ur-Rehman’s son and khalifah Shah Ghulam Mohammad is buried at his feet.

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Shah Mohammad Hafeez became his khalifah and shrine supervisor. After he died, his son took this responsibility. Their shrines are also near the shrine of Bholoo Shah. His annual Urs is held annually on 19th of Muharram. His devotees also celebrate basant in the spring season at his shrine with great enthusiasm.

  How to Reach: From Indira Gandhi International Airport the dargah is 21 KM. It is 5.5 Km from New Delhi Railway Station, 1 KM from Lal Quila metro station and 55 m from Red Fort bus stop. Auto, city buses and taxis are easily available for this place.,

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