Hazrat Abdul Rahman urf Sailani Baba R.A

 Honnapur,Telangana, India


Chilla mubarak of sailani baba rh and chilla mubarak of mastan baba th built by Hz mohammad khaja miya urf mastan ali shah qadri chisty naqshbandi sharwardi qibla silsila-e-sailani

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Additional Info

Mastan Baba Dargah is beside this place

  How to Reach: The chilla mubarak is 74 KM from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. It is 35 KM from Shankarpalli station and 45 KM from Lingampalli station.,

Nearest City : Hyderabad
Nearest Bus Stop : Honnapur
Nearest Airport : Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Shankarpalli
Contact Person Name : Mohammad Afzal
Contact Person Phone: 7416249234
Website : Not Available
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