Sheikh Syed Mir Mohammad Mirak Andrabi R.A

 Srinagar,Jammu and Kashmir, India


He was born to Allama Syed Shams-ud-din Andrabi (860 A.H = 1456 C.E. -932 A.H.= 1526 C.E.) in Srinagar. Syed Mirak Andrabi traced his patrimony through his father, Syed Shams-ud-din, to 'Imam Zain-ul-Abedein ' and finally to 'Imam Ali'. His mother, Syeda Mira Bibi, with twenty three links, reached to 'Imam Ali'. His year of birth is (921 A.H = 1515 C.E.) He lost his parents at a quite young age. He studied Fiqah, Ahadees, Hifiz and Tafseer in his very early boyhood.

He was a Great Sufi of his era like his ancestors . His ancestors Syed Ahmad Andrabi (who was great grand father of Syed Mirak Andrabi) from Andarab, ( a valley located in the southern part of Baghlan province in the northeastern Afghanistan) had Migrated along with his bloodline (some of them living near Bukhara a region in now Uzbekistan ) to kashmir for spreading Islam in modern subcontinent , His bloodline now called Kashmiri Syed or Andrabi Syed or Bukhari Syed more to recognize region wise although blood linkage wise are Abidi from imam zain Zaidi Syed from his son zaid , However all Abidi Zaidi do not belong to region Andarab or Bukhara ( Syed's widly spread ) , But Syed Muslim Ahmad bloodline belong to these two cities, Syed Muslim migrated from Arab and settled in Andarab to preach Islam near by, after that his bloodline spread in area between Andarab and Bukhara in Pastoralist era now modern Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Subcontinent.

Syed Mohammad Andrabi with others, (d.A.H.850/A.D, 1447), came to Kashmir under the duress of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani during the reign of Sultan Qutabu’d-Din, (775-792.A.H./1373-89.A.D) .It was on the spiritual instructions of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani that Syed Ahmad Andrabi and his son stayed in Kashmir and played a major role in the propagation of Islam and that accordingly metamorphosed the destiny of people. Besides they guided and impressed upon the people to follow the path of Shariah. With the missionary zeal and zest they imparted spiritual and religious teachings to the people of Kashmir. Because of their tireless efforts, they did succeed in bringing about a significant and perceptible change in the mindset and life of people in Kashmir. They also influenced the Sultan Qutubu’d-din,(775-792.A.H./1373-89.A.D) , with their appealing behavior. The bloodline of Syed Muslim Ahmad and his cousin played vital role in spreading Islam in Uzbekistan , Turkmanstan , Afghanistan and Subcontinent .

Syed Mirak belonged to Silsila Owaisi. He spent most of his time in spreading Islam at a Khanqah-i-Andrabi in Srinagar, besides spending 12 years meditating at Astarwun(Tral) and then remained in seclusion at Mohalla Naidyar for 12 years. After spending 24 years in meditation, he came back and lived in a small room adjacent to Khankah-i-Andrabia, Malaratta, but preferred a simple life, far away from fame. He was often advised by his relatives, who held important posts under the sultans, to take up a government job after the death of his father, but Mir Mirak Andrabi declined and spent his time in service of Islam . His bloodline even now show similar traits of simpleness by blessing of ALLAH beside being rich in today show off World.

He was putting up in the Khanqahi Andrabia at Malaratta (Mala Iraqi Hatta) Srinagar.He was the follower of Qadriya Sufi order and was among the prominent disciple of Syed Nimatullah Shah Qadri (d.990.A.H/1582.A.D), who laid the foundation of Qadriya Sufi order in the valley of Kashmir in the second half of 16 the century during the rule of Chaks, 968-994.A.H/1561-86.A.D. Syed Mir Mirak Andrabi traveled various parts of the valley for the purpose of propagation of Islam. The society has accepted him as their guide to religious path and adviser in all their day to day matters. He acted as the true mentor of Kashmiri society, and used to move from place to place with his followers. Syed Mir Mirak lived at a crucial period in Kashmir history because there were social tensions in the society. He himself was strong supporter of SunnI sect along with great love for bloodline of Muhammad.

He died on '5th Safar 990 A.H', 28 February 1582 C.E.,at the age of 69 years and is buried on the southern side of Khankah-i-Andrabia at Mala Iraqi Hatta (Mallaratta),Srinagar. He is buried in the ancestral graveyard at Malaratta.

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The Annual commemoration is held at khanqahi Andrabiya Mala Iraqi Hatta (Malaratta) on every 5th of Islamic month of Safar-ul-Muzaffar.

  How to Reach: From Sheikh Ul-Alam International Airport Srinagar the shrine is approx. 13 KM. It is 13.7 KM from Srinagar Kashmir railway station and 5 KM from bus stand, Srinagar,

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