Hazrat Abdullah ibn Ja'far A.S

 Medina,Hijaz , Saudi Arabia


Abdullah ibn Ja'far was the son of Ja'far ibn Abu Talib and Asma bint Umais. They had emigrated to Abyssinia in 616, and Abdullah and his two brothers were born there. Abdullah was the first of Muslims to be born in the land of Abyssinia. After birth of Abdullah in Abyssinia (Habesha Presently Ethiopia), king of the Kingdom of Aksum ( Al-Najashi) was blessed with a son too. He immediately asked the parents of Abdullah Ibn Jaffar about the name of their child. Upon knowing the name of Jaffar family, King of Abyssinia also chose the name “Abdullah” for his first son. It is also stated that Asma bint Umays was the nursing mother of son of Abyssinian King. The younger brother of Abdullah appears to be the first child in the Muslim history who was named Muhammad after the Prophet of Islam. The family returned to Arabia in 628 and settled in Medina.

was a companion and relative of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and a nephew of Ali. Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr was his half brother. He was loyal to Ahl al-Bayt in spite of his absent in Karbala, it is attributed to his credit saying that thanks to Almight Allah, if I could not support Hussain ibn Ali in Karbala my two sons (Aun o Muhammad) did. His grave is situated near Aqeel ibn Abi Talib and Abu Sufiyan bin al-Haris (the grandson of Abd al-Muttalib) in Janatual Baqi)

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It is said that after 3 days of Jafar’s death Muhammad went to house of Asma and called for children of Jafar. He then said about each of them “As for Muhammad, he resemble our uncle Abi Talib. As for Abdullah, he resembles me in terms of both my appearance and character. Afterward, Muhammad took the right hand of Abdullah and said “O Allah, provide a successor for Jafar in his family, and bless Abdullah in his business, and repeated this appeal to Al-mighty thrice. Muhammad instructed the sons of Abi Talib, namely Jafar, Aqeel and Ali that they should arrange marriages of their children with their cousins.

  How to Reach: For pilgrims, the most common route is to arrive in Jeddah by plane, and get on a special pilgrims' bus to Medina. The Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) runs to and from luxurious buses several times daily from most parts of the country at cheap rates. There are also privately run buses. The cemetery is approx. 17 km from Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport and taxis are available from airport. It is around 30 min ride.,

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