Hazrat Syed Ali Ishaq Madani Aulia (R.A)

 Visakhpatnam,Andhra Pradesh, India


Hazrat ishaq Madina (R.A) came from Madina (Saudi) and was the first great Muslim saint in the coastal area of Andhra Pradesh. The Dargah Shareef is at the beautiful location at the top of a Hill, which is adjacent to the sea Harbor and there are flight of wide steps leading up to the Dargah Shareef.

A stone found in this Dargah Shareef is recorded by Epigraphy Department of Govt of India, indicates that the burial took place in the year 1257 AD, from which it is evident that the Dargah shareef existed even before 1257. The Dargah of Hazrat Ishaq Madina (R.A) is the oldest building in Visakhapatnam built before 1257, which houses the Mazaar e Mubarak (mausoleum) of Hazrat Ishaq Madina, a respected Awliya’Allah (friend of Allah)

Prior to Ishaq Madani (R.A) settlement in Visakhapatnam, high-altitude sea waves always drowned the coastal belt of Visakhapatnam, however the Awliya’Allah (friend of Allah) still choose this place for his settlement, which was right adjacent to the Sea Harbor.

Almightly Allah has blessed him with so much mystic power that, Ishaq Madani (R.A) hit at a place with his sceptre (stick) and ordered the sea, NOT to cross that Marking. This Marking place is still recognized and respected by the people of Visakhapatnam. The marking is on the flight of steps which leads to the Dargah Shareef.

After he got got settled in Visakhapatnam, the entire coastal belt became a lively environment and people lived without any danger of high altitude sea waves, however sea level of Visakhapatnam is still 45 M above the actual ground level but the Sea does not enter the Visakhapatnam city due to the blessing of Hazrat Ishaq Madani (R.A)

It is speculated that, the town Visakhapatnam was originally known by the name of this Saint as Ishaq-pattan, which over time got changed to Vizagapatam or Visakhapatnam.

Ishaq Madani (R.A) liked to live with the poor people and especially fishermen loved and praised him. The tradition was, whenever the ship enters or leaves the harbor, then the sailors of all faiths would pay respect to the Dargah Shareef, by lowering and hoisting the flag 3 times, as his blessing bestowed the safe passage.

King Aurangzeb who ruled in the late 17th century, used to send Salam to every Dargah (Mazaar) he visited. Aurangzeb sent his Salam (Salutations) to this Dargah Shareef but got back the reply late from this Dargah. Hearing back the reply to his Salam, he renovated (rebuild) the Dargah Shareef.

There is also a very old Masjid, besides the Dargah Sharif. It is believed that Aurangzeb army renovated (rebuilt) the masjid and named it as Alamgir Mosque in honour of they ruler. There is also historical evidence that a Muslim ruler granted two villages, namely Yerrada and Devada as Inam (gift) to the caretakers of this Dargah Shareef.

Additional Info

Every year Urs ceremony is celebrated in this Dargah Shareef, where lakhs of people come and take the blessings of Awliya’Allah (Friend of Allah) Hazrat Ishaq Madani (R.A). The Dargah of Hazrat Ishaq Madani (R.A) is a symbol of peace love and harmony among Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

  How to Reach: From Visakhapatnam Airport, the dargah is 14 KM. It is 5.2 KM from Visakhapatnam Railway Station and 5.1 KM from Visakhapatnam Bus Stand.,

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