Hazrat Syed Sha Ali Ganj ul Asrar Hussaini al Baghdadi Suhrawardi R.A

 Gooty,Andhra Pradesh, India


A BRIEF HISTORY OF SYED SHAH ALI GANJUL ASRAR HUSSAINI AL BAGDADHI SUHRAWARDI HOLY NAME : SYED SHA ALI HUSSAIN TITLE : GANJUL ASRAR (TREASURE OF SECRETS) FAMOUS NAME : SHAH ALI GANJUL ASRAR BIRTH PLACE : BAGDAD SHARIF SUFI ORDER : SUHRAWARDIYA, QADIRIYA MASTER : HAZRAT SYED SHAH BAHA UDDIN RAZZAQ HUSSAINI SUHRAWARDI SUCCESSOR : HAZRAT SYED SHAH MUHAMMAD HUSSAINI SUHRAWARDI DATE OF DEATH : 11 RABI –US-SANI, PERIOD OF ALAMGIR MASOLEUM : AASTANA -E- ALIYA SUHRAWARDIYA, SAHEB KATTA, GOOTY. THE HOLY HISTORY OF THE SAINT: He was born in Hazrat Imam Hussain’s (RA) Holy Lineage so He called as Hussaini. The Signs of Deep Spirituality were appearing from his childhood. He was fond of knowledge. He was proficient in the apparent knowledge as well as spiritual knowledge. He was the disciple of Hazrat Syed shah Bahauddin Razzaq Hussaini Suhrawardi (R.A). He served his Master with severe discipline. After giving the counsel the Master bestowed him the Khirqa of Suhrawardi Sufi Order and Qadiriyya Sufi order and made him as his Successor. The Master bid his pupil to spread the message of Islam in the world. He travelled through Bengal State and came to Gooty, an Oldest and Renowned city in the Deccan Province of India. He stayed in the Bahar Pet (Outskirt of Gooty Fort) area of Gooty. Before His arrival, practicing of Innovations was filled up extremely in the city and there is no communal harmony in the society. Due to His teachings and holy practices of the saint people of gooty started loving and showing respect to him in spite of the religious boundaries. And with the Blessings of His Company so many people embraced Islam. The number increased in a very little period. However there was an unbeliever, who refused the saint to stay there and challenged him to perform a miracle to prove that the saint was on the right path and to get the right to stay there. The saint smiled at him and walked on the water of a well nearby him and did spread his prayer mat on the water and offered two cycles (Rakats) of voluntary (Nafil) Namaz to Allah, the true Lord. The saint returned safely by the Mercy of Allah Azzawazal. The unbeliever was astonished to see the miracle performed by the saint. Many People got the blessed opportunity to witness the miracle performed by the saint and embraced Islam. When the people of Gooty witnessed the miracle performed by the saint, as per the challenge made, they immediately handed the place nearby well over to him. The saint made this place as his final adobe. After he had departed from this world a mausoleum was constructed in that place. Today the descendants of the saint are living around the mausoleum and this place is renowned as “Aastana -e – Aliaya Suhrawardiya, Saheb Katta “in the whole society. From this Sufi centre the message of Islam has been spread everywhere. On 26 Muharram, 35 Juloos shah e Aalam had presented some acres of land to the saint and requested to pray for the longevity of his reign. Likewise, so many kings and rulers presented land to the saint. According to the Book “Gooty Charitra’’ the saint’s property was around 500 acres of Land. Death: He departed from this world on 11 Rabi us Sani in the period of Aalamgir. The year of his departure from the world was not known exactly but according to a calculation it would be 1107 Hijri. Successor: His famous Successor is “Hazrat Syed Shah Muhammad Hussaini Suhrawardi (RA) Dargah Sharif: The tomb of the Holy Saint is in a small Room on which a mausoleum was constructed. Beside this room there is also a small Room in which there are two tombs of the Women Saints. It is believed that one tomb belongs to His Sister and another one belongs to her daughter. Beside these two rooms there is a hall, which is used to teach the Islamic knowledge and Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam Traditions. It is called as Khanaqa (Cult Centre) or Aastana in Sufi terminology. The dilapidated mausoleum was restored in 1974 CE. As per needs of the current generation, the expansion of the construction started in 2011 CE and completed in 2013 CE with beautiful Islamic architecture on the occasion of the annual Urs of the Holy Saint. The tombs of followers and well wishers and descendants of the Saint are in the above said Aastana. Beside the nearby well of the mausoleum there is a mosque called as Choti Masjid (Small Mosque). Now it is named as “Masjid e Gouse e Azam). There is a cemetery beside this mosque. It is also belongs to the same cult centre. By His descendants and followers the people of Gooty and its nearby villages getting blessings since generations. Ahlamudulliah! Even today the descendants of the Saint are putting efforts to continue his Holy Mission. The Suhrawardiya Masjid (The Suhrawardiya Mosque) On the Name of Hazrat Syed Shah Ali Ganjul Asrar Hussaini al Bagdadi Suhrawardi R.A. there was a colony named as “Sha Ali Nagar”. In the above colony the construction of a mosque started in 10 Muharram 1427 Hijri i.e on 20-01-2006 by His descendants and completed in 30 Shawwal 1427 Hijri i.e on 28-10-2006 and the offerings started by Mid day prayer (Zohar) on the same date. The famous name of the mosque is “Masjid E Suhrawardiya ( Ahle Sunnat wa Jamat ) ”. Probably it is the first mosque to be named with word Suhrawardiya in India. Suhrawardi Cults centres in Rayalaseema Region There are only Two Famous Suhrawardi Cults centres in the Rayalaseema Region Sarkar e Suhraward Hajrat Syed Shah Baba Fakruddin Hussaini Khalandar e Barhaq Suhrawardi R.A. , Sadar Chowk, Penukonda Sharif. Shaik e Suhraward Hajrat Syed Shah Ali Ganjul Asrar Hussaini al Bagdad Suhrawardi R.A

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Astana e Aliya Suhrawardiya, Saheb Katta, Gooty Annual Urs: The annual Urs of the Saint is conducted in the month of Rabi Us Sani. On the 10th day there will be offering of Sandal Paste (Sandal Sharif), on the 11th day Urs and on the 12th day ziyarah will be conducted with well Islamic Manners. Hundreds of His followers and beloveds and people near by villages will attend the Annual Urs as well as the other programs which will be conducted during the annual Urs. Khatme Khwajgane Suhrawardiya Besides the Annual Urs , the Khatme Khwajagane Suhrawardiya will be conducted in every month of the 11th day of lunar month. People will attend this and get the blessings of the Zikr as well as the Holy Saint.

  How to Reach: From Sri Sathya Sai Airport, Puttaparthi, the dargah is 127 KM. It is 5.1 KM from Gooty Junction and 2.5 KM from Gooty Bus Stand.,

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