Hazrat Syed Shah Wali Murshed Alquadri (R.A)

 Midnapore,West Bengal, India


Hazrat Syed Shah Wali Murshed Alquadri (R.A) was born in 1274 A.H at Khankah Sharif at Midnapore Town. He was the youngest son and Khalifa of Syedena Aala Huzur. He was famous as ‘Murshed’, Qutb ul Waqt and Chote Huzur. He was very intelligent and genius from his childhood and was under the direct guidance and training of his father who was also his Pir o Murshed. He was sent to Madrasah e Ghausia, Midnapore for early education. Thereafter, he acquired his higher education. At an early age he attained mastery over several branches of Islamic Studies. He also acquired his higher studies under the direct supervision of Aala Huzur and the scholars who would visit Khankah Sharif regularly.

Hazrat was married to the daughter of Hazrat Syeda Tahera who was a direct descendant of Hazrat Ali (A.S) through Hazrat Syed Ruhullah Musawi (R.A). He had only one son Hazrat Syed Shah Mohiuddin Harun Rashid Alquadri (R.A) who succeeded him.

Hazrat Syed Shah Wali Murshed Alquadri (R.A) was a great wali and innumerous miracles (Keramats) were manifested from him. His life was a symbol of simplicity, charity and spirituality. The evidence of his being Wali can be found in the tone by which Huzur Purnoor, his eldest brother, used to address him. In one of his verses Huzur Purnoor called Hazrat Wali Murshed was Wali ibn Wali i.e Wali son of Wali, Zinda Wali Shah Wali Murshed i.e Shah Wali Murshed , the living saint. It is said that, some Europeans, being attracted by his spiritual power, accepted Islam and became his disciple (murid).

Under his guidance thousands of people enlisted their names in the Quadria order (silsila) in Bengal. He had contributed very much for the promotion and propagation of this order in Bengal.

Hazrat s’ demise took place on Tuesday the 11th Rabiul Awwal, 1315 A.H and was buried at the foot of the Mazar of his father Syedena Aala Huzur in the family burial ground at Midnapore town. At his demise the people, the family members, disciples and people of Midnapore were deeply saddened. His elder brother, Huzur Purnoor was deeply shocked at the sudden departure of his younger brother. Huzur Purnoor wrote many quatrains in Persian in his memory. The translation of one of these quatrains is as follows:

Syed Wali Murshed has achieved the eternal life, (as) the Wali never die, so how you can call him dead.

Additional Info

Hazrat Wali Murshed Alquadri (R.A) was an erudite scholar of Arabic, Persian and Urdu. He wrote many books such as Tahris e Mutabat e Wali Murshed , Tosha e Akhirat, Salwat e Daimun, Lughat e Murshedi, Jawaz e Milad Sharif, Milad e Murshedi and etc. He rendered the whole Diwan e Hafiz in Urdu poetry. He had a Diwan too but unfortunately most of these books are in manuscripts form.

  How to Reach: From Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata the dargah is 138 KM. From Midnapore Railway Station the dargah is 3 KM and from Midnapur Bus Stand it is 2.1 KM,

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