Miraj,Maharashtra, India


Hazrat khawaja Mohammed Mira chisti hussaini (r.a) and his son hazrat khwaja shamshuddin urf shamna mira ganja baksh (r.a) arrived in Miraj city 700 hundred yrs before. At that time city in the hands of a black magician named as gangna dhobi. He used to trouble the poor people with his black magic. He used set fire to all trees and farms with his black magic. Due khawaja's teaching of Islam to the people of Miraj this magician surrendered to the khawaja and accepted islam and wished that he should be buried under khwaja's feet.

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One day khwaja was on his way bare footed on a sunny day. One cobbler was working on the road side. He saw that khwaja was walking bare footed so he thought of making a pair of shoes and made it with his skin cut from his thigh. Seeing this khwaja was pleased and asked whatever he wanted should be given to him. Cobbler asked for the right to cover the first gilaaf sharif (a pure curtain present by devotees to the saint) on khwaja's urus till the day of judgement. khwaja agreed and till now tradition is continued.

  How to Reach: From Kolhapur Airport the dargah is 52 KM. It is 700 m from Miraj Railway Station and 550 m from Miraj Bus Stand.,

Nearest City : Miraj
Nearest Bus Stop : Miraj Bus Stand
Nearest Airport : Kolhapur Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Miraj Railway Station
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