Hazrat Makhdoom Syed Hisamuddin Kenani

 Siddharth nagar,Uttar Pradesh, India


Wasa Dargah is a village in the district of Siddhrath Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India known for Dargah of Hazrat Makhdoom Syed Hisamuddin Kenani. People assemble to celebrate the "URS SHAREEF" of Hazrat Syed Makhdoom Hisamuddin Kenani Rahamatullah aleh on 3rd of Shawwal (the ISLAMIC Month) at the famous Shrine.

Additional Info

  How to Reach: From Lucknow airport, wasa dargah is 256 km approx. The nearest railway station Gaur Railway Station is around 36 km. It's better to reach Gonda, Faizabad or Basti and then take a road trip to Wasa dargah,

Nearest City : Siddharth Nagar
Nearest Bus Stop : Deaipar
Nearest Airport : Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, Lucknow
Nearest Railway Station : Gaur Railway Station
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