Hazrat Sheik Sharf-Uddin Abu Tawwamah

 Sonargaon,Dhaka Division, Bangladesh


Hazrat Sheik Sharf-Uddin Abu Tawwamah hails from Bukhara,Iran but he resided in Sonargaon from 1274 AD up to his death 1300 AD for 26 years. He was born in the year 610 Hijri (1210 AD) in Bukhara,Iran (Now in Uzbekistan ).
Hazrat Sheik Sharf-Uddin Abu Tawama (R) attained proficiency in different
branches of Islamic studies including Quran, Hadith and Fiqh. He earned the
reputation specially in the commentaries of Bukhari Sharif, the famous book on
Hadith. Even after completing his studies in his own country, Abu Tawama's thirst for
acquiring knowledge was not quenched. So he went to Khurasan in Iran. There he
pursued higher studies in various subjects along with Islamic Studies. In a short while,
his fame spread throughout every comer. By his devotion and sincerity he attained great reputation as a Hanafi jurist and traditionalist (muhaddis) and was well versed in Chemistry, Natural sciences and Spirituality especially Sufism. People started to treat him as great Scholarly Sufi Saint and resorts to him for spiritual advice. He got married at the age of 45 after the death of his parents and blessed with a daughter while he was in Bukhara.
After the completion of his studies, Hazrat Sheik Sharf-Uddin Abu Tawama (RA) engaged himself in disseminating education and preaching and for better apriciation he decided to establish in Delhi and went there from Khurasan travelling through different places. After crossing his initial period of struggle, he established a mosque and a Madrasha attached to it in Delhi. He began teaching Islamic studies including Quran and Hadith from this madrasha. Within a short time
students from far-flung areas began to gather there for pursuing knowledge. The Sultan
of Delhi at that time, Sultan Gyiasuddin Balban Shah (1266-1287) was religious minded man and he became charmed by the fame of Hazrat Abu Tawama (RA). Occasionally he himself attended his institution for religious learning.
His name and fame was increased so high that the Sultan Giyas-Uddin Balban Shah,on the conspiracy of some vested quarter, felt it not safe to allow Hazrat Abu Tawamah (RA) to remain in Delhi any more. But as he has high regards for this and other Sufi Saint,s he without making Hazrat Sheik Sharf-Uddin Abu Tawama (RA) annoyed, requested him humbly to go some other place for preaching Islam,where such preaching is actually required and Islam is unknown in that region. Hazrat Sheik Sharf-Uddin Abu Tawamah (RA), although realized the hidden intention of the Sultan, yet he conceded the request of the Sultan.
Hazrat Sheik Sharf-Uddin Abu Tawamah ((RA) left Delhi in the year 1270 AD for Maner, Bihar where his Spiritual friend Hazrat Yahya Maneri was residing. Hazrat Sheik Sharf-Uddin Abu Tawama (RA) stayed at Maner for four years and served the Madrasha at Maner where the only son of Hazrat Yahya Maner (RA) Shahebjada Sharf-uddin Yahya Maneri became his student and disciple at his age of 15.
Sultan of Bengal Mugis-Uddin Tughril (1272-1281 AD) invited Hazrat Sheik Sharf-Uddin Abu Tawamah (RA) to migrate to Sonargaon to establish Khankah and Madrasha so that the people of Sonargaon could get standard Islamic education. Accepting the invitation on consultation with his spiritual friend at Maner, Hazrat Sheik Sharf-Uddin Abu Tawamah (RA) left Maner, Bihar in the year 1273 AD with his family ,the wife ,the only daughter and upon consent of his spiritual friend Hazrat Yahya Maneri took the student-disciple Shahebjada Sharf-Uddin Yahya Maneri with him for his education and training in religion and Sufism.
upon getting Land from the Sultan Mugish-Uddin Tughril for using religious education purpose, known as Madad-e-mash, he established his Khankah and founded a Madrasa on the next year in 1275 AD at Sonargaon.
Hazrat Sheik Sharf-Uddin Abu Tawama (RA) died at Sonargaon in 690 AH corresponding to 1300 AD and buried in the graveyard, which is now at the 'Dargah Bari' premises in Mograpara, Sonargaon near the site of his khankah and Madrasha .

Additional Info

Hazrat Sheik Sharf-Uddin Abu Tawwamah (RA) wrote a valuable book on Tasawwaf (Islamic mysticism) entitled Maqamat but it has not come down to posterity.

  How to Reach: The shrine is around 48 km from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, 24 km from Kamalapur Railway Station,

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