• Dargah Of: Hazrat Fatima Al Zehra (daughter of Prophet Mohammed), Imam Al-Hussain (son of Hazrat Ali), Hazrat Zaynab (daughter of Hazrat Ali), Hazrat Al-Abbas (son of Hazrat Ali), Hazrat Sakina (daughter of Ima

    Hussain Tekri Sharif

    Hussain Tekri is home to 6 shrines. From the entrance, the first one being Hazrat Fatima Al Zehra (daughter of our Prophet Mohammed), Imam Al-Hussain (son of Hazrat Ali), Hazrat Zaynab (daughter of Hazrat Ali), Hazrat Al-Abbas (son of Hazrat Ali), H....

      Hussain Tekri Sharif , Jaora, Pin: 457226, Madhya Pradesh, India

  • Dargah Of: Prophet Ibraham A.S

    Cave of the Patriarchs (Cave of Machpelah)

    The Tombs of the Patriarchs in the West Bank city of Hebron is the burial place of three biblical couples — Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, and Jacob and Leah. The second holiest site in Judaism (after the Western Wall in Jerusalem), it is ....

      Old Hebron | Beit Haddasa, Hebron, Pin: 90100, Hebron Governorate, Palestine

  • Dargah Of: Hazrat Sayyid Shah Barkatullah Marehrwi (Radi ALLAHu Ta'ala Anho)

    Hazrat Syed Shah Barkatullah Dargah

    Hazrat Sayyid Shah Barkatullah Marehrwi (Radi ALLAHu Ta'ala Anho) was born on the 26th of Jamadil Aakhir 1070 Hijri in Bilgiraam Shareef. His father was Hazrat Sayyid Shah Uwais (Radi ALLAHu Ta'ala Anho), who was a very great Wali of his era. His....

      Hazrat Syed Shah Barkatullah Dargah, Marehra, Pin: 207401, Uttar Pradesh, India

  • Dargah Of: Syed Imam-ud-din

    Pir Imamuddin Kufreshikan (Imamshah Bawa) Pirana Dargah

    Syed Imam-ud-din was the youngest of the eighteen children of Pir Syed Hasan Kabir-ud-din bin Pir Syed Sadruddin who was a descendant of Hazrat Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq. He was born on Thursday, the 21st Moharrum, 834 A.H.(1430 C.E/1486 Savant) at Uchh ....

      SATPANTH PRERANAAPEETH, Ahmedabad, Pin: 382425, Gujarat, India

  • Dargah Of: Shah Syed Qayamuddin R.A

    Khamman Peer Baba

    It is more than 950 year old and the final resting place of Shah Syed Qayamuddin. Railway tracks on both the sides later on confirmed the strong existence of the shrine, as the British have planned to relocate the structure. Architecture is very bea....

      Charbagh railway station near platform number 1, Railway Colony, Charbagh, Lucknow, Pin: 226001, Uttar Pradesh, India

  • Dargah Of: Hazrat Lal Shah Baba R.A

    Lal Shah Dargah

    Situated in the by lanes of Mumbai’s Lalbaug is the tomb of revered Sufi saint Lal Shah Baba also known as Lal Badshah or Lal Baugh ka Badshah after whom the name of LalBaugh is derived. Lal Shah Baba had arrived from Mecca in 17th century to Mum....

      Lalbaug, Lalbaug Flyover, Bharat Rice Mills Compound, Lal Baug, Parel, Mumbai, Pin: 400012, Maharashtra, India

  • Dargah Of: Syed Ibrahim

    Syed Ibrahim aka Ras Khan

    One of the most important devotees of Krishna Bhakti was Syed Ibrahim a Muslim who came to be known as Raskhan (b.1573). One of the remarkable features of Krishna Bhakti was that many Muslims composed devotional poetry and were great devotees of Kri....

      Raskhan Samadhi, Mahaban Khadar, , Mahoba, Pin: 281305, Uttar Pradesh, India

  • Dargah Of: Chotey Sarkaar Qiblah Hazrat Wasim Akhtar Quadri (R.A.)

    khanqah Gulshan-e-Ghouspak

    His parents Hazrat Sayeed Shah Abusayeed Akhtar Razaqi Quadri (R.A.) and Syeda Warsa both were descendants of Hazrat Ghaus E Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (R.A.). This means that the parents of both Badey Sarkaar Qiblah and Chotey Sarkaar Qibla....

      Khanquah Sharif, Nasim Sarkar, Sarkar Nagar Bypass, Puruna Bazar, Bidar, Pin: 756100, Odisha, India

  • Dargah Of: Baba Dilip Singh Manhas R.A

    Baba Chamliyal Dargah

    The holy shrine of Baba Chamliyal is believed to be 320 years old and is located in a village, Chamliyal which is about 42 kilometres away from Jammu. This Dargah was constructed in the remembrance of a spiritual preceptor Baba Dilip Singh Manhas kn....

      Chambleal Rd, Jarhabtal, Chamliyal, Pin: 181141, Jammu and Kashmir, India

  • Dargah Of: Hazarah Inkeshah wali Rahamatullah Ali

    Bijigiri Shareef Dargah

    Today the village Bijigiri Shareef is very popular because of the existence of the Dargah of Hazarah Inkeshah wali Rahamatullah Ali worshipped by both the Muslims and Hindus alike with great reverence. There are four beautiful gateways on four sides....

      Bijigiri Shareef, Jammikunta Mandal, Karimnagar Dist, Bijigiri Shareef, Pin: 505475, Telangana, India

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