• Dargah Of: Hazrat Allama Syed Shah Turab-ul-Haq Qadri

    Shrine of Hazrat Allama Syed Shah Turab-ul-Haq Qadri

    Hazrat Allama Syed Shah Turab-ul-Haq Qadri was a Hyderabadi-origin Sunni Muslim scholar and preacher representing the Barelvi Sufi sect in Karachi. He was born on 15 September 1944 in Hyderabad, India, and his family migrated to Pakistan after t....

      Jodia Bazar Market Quarter, Karachi, Pin: -, Sindh, Pakistan

  • Dargah Of: Hazrat Inayat Khan (RA)

    Dargah Hazrat Sufi Inayat Khan

    The Dargah is situated in the basti Nizamuddin, an old quarter that originated in the thirteenth century around the burial place of the Sufi saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia. People from all continents come to this place for inspiration and meditation.....

      129, Basti Nizamuddin, Delhi, Pin: 110013, Delhi, India

  • Dargah Of: Qutbus Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Badusha Radiyallh Ta’ala anhu

    Erwadi dargah

    The main dargah which came to be established is dedicated to Seyyad Ali. There are three other dargahs here, one of Shahid's mother Fathima, the second is of his wife Seyyad Ali Fathima and the third of his son Abu Thahir. The land for building the ....

      Ervadi Dargah -Ramanathapuram Rd, ramanathapuram district, Ervadi , Pin: 623566, Tamil Nadu, India

  • Dargah Of: Hazrat Maulana Syed Shah Muniruddin Hussain Munemi

    Dargah Hazrat Maulana Syed Shah Muniruddin Hussain Munemi

    He was born in 1263 Hijri at his paternal house in Shah Toli, Danapur. He was the eldest son of his father, Hazrat Syed Shah Mubarak Hussain Munemi. At a young age he had become the protector (Hafiz) of the holy Quran. When he was only 10 his father....

      Khanquah Munemia Qamaria, Sadikpur, Mitan Ghat, Patna, Pin: 800008, Bihar, India

  • Dargah Of: Imam Hussain ibn Ali

    Imam Husayn Shrine

    Imam Hussain was the son of Ali ibn Abi ?alib (fourth Rashidun Caliph of Sunni Islam, and first Imam of Shia Islam) and Fatimah Zahra (daughter of Muhammad) and the younger brother of Hasan ibn Ali. Husayn is an important figure in Islam, as he is a....

      Imam Husayn Shrine Al-Shuhada street, Karbala, Pin: 56001, Karak Governorate, Iraq

  • Dargah Of: Hazrat Syed Omer Hussaini

    Qadri Chaman

    Hazrat Syed Omer Hussaini was son of Hazrat Parvarish Ali Hussaini R.A. He was a great Sufi and Islamic Scholar of his time. He mastered many languages and possessed good knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence. After the sad demise of his beloved f....

      Ravindra Naik Nagar, Falaknuma, Hyderabad, Pin: 500053, Telangana, India

  • Dargah Of: Sayed ul Shaikh Hazrat Baba Abdullah Shah Qadri R.A

    Rauza Mandhali Sharif

    The Rauza Mandhali Sharif Darbar is a Sufi shrine also known as 'Makkah-e-Mandhali'. This pilgrimage site consists of the main tomb belonging to Sayed ul Shaikh Hazrat Baba Abdullah Shah Qadri Ji. Hazrat came from Saudi Arabia, settled in Punjab and....

      Rauza Mandhali Sharif Darbar, Mandali village , Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar district, Mandhali, Pin: 144501, Punjab, India

  • Dargah Of: Hazrata Begum Bi R.A

    Dargah Dadi Amma Sahiba

    Hazrata Begum Bi R.A Dadi Amma Sahiba was mother of Baba Sayed Insan Ali Shah R.A....

      Dargah Dadi Amma Sahiba, Khamhariya, Pin: 495660, Chhattisgarh, India

  • Dargah Of: Chotey Sarkaar Qiblah Hazrat Wasim Akhtar Quadri (R.A.)

    khanqah Gulshan-e-Ghouspak

    His parents Hazrat Sayeed Shah Abusayeed Akhtar Razaqi Quadri (R.A.) and Syeda Warsa both were descendants of Hazrat Ghaus E Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (R.A.). This means that the parents of both Badey Sarkaar Qiblah and Chotey Sarkaar Qibla....

      Khanquah Sharif, Nasim Sarkar, Sarkar Nagar Bypass, Puruna Bazar, Bidar, Pin: 756100, Odisha, India

  • Dargah Of: Hazrath Syed Jalaluddin Shah Quadri R.A

    Dargah Shareef Hazrath Syed Jalaluddin Shah Quadri

    This is a very old Dargah of Hazrath Syed Jalaluddin Shah Quadri R.A who belonged to Quadri silsila.....

      Railway Officer Colony, Botiguda, Bhoiguda, , Hyderabad, Pin: 500025, Telangana, India

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