• Dargah Of: Hazrat Khawja Badr Uddin Chisti Shaheed RA

    Paranda Sharif

    Hazrat Syed Badruddin Hussaini R.A. Hazrat is a Shaheed and his body (jism mubarak) is here in Paranda Sharif near Awati, Solapur. Hazrat Khawja Badr Uddin Chisti Shaheed was riding a horse when he attained martyrdom. His head fell at BALAVLI villa....

      Dargah Hazrat Khawja Badr Uddin Chisti Shaheed , Paranda, Pin: 413502, Maharashtra, India

  • Dargah Of: Not a burial site but contains Moi-e-Muqqadas

    Hazratbal Shrine

    Hazratbal Shrine contains a relic, the Moi-e-Muqqadas, believed by many Muslims of Kashmir to be a hair of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad (PBUH). According to legend, the relic was first brought to Kashmir by Syed Abdullah, a purported descendant....

      Hazratbal Road, Rainawari, Hazaratbal, Srinagar, Pin: 190006, Jammu and Kashmir, India

  • Dargah Of: Hazrat Syed Ali Ishaq Madani Aulia (R.A)

    Dargah Hazrat Ishaq Madani Waale Baba

    Hazrat ishaq Madina (R.A) came from Madina (Saudi) and was the first great Muslim saint in the coastal area of Andhra Pradesh. The Dargah Shareef is at the beautiful location at the top of a Hill, which is adjacent to the sea Harbor and there are fl....

      Soldierpet, Kota-veedi, Port Area, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh , Visakhpatnam, Pin: 530001, Andhra Pradesh, India

  • Dargah Of: Pir Hazrat Zahir Auliya Khuwajagan

    Pir Baba Dargah aka Ulubari Mazar

    Hazrat Zahir was a renowned Pir who came down from Arabia two centuries ago. He came to Assam to preach and spread the message of Islam. He made Ulubari his abode. Syed Karim said, “Hazrat Zahir saw a lot of pain and suffering of people around him. ....

      Freedom Fighter Road Ulubari, Guwahati, Pin: 781007, Assam, India

  • Dargah Of: Syed Ibrahim

    Syed Ibrahim aka Ras Khan

    One of the most important devotees of Krishna Bhakti was Syed Ibrahim a Muslim who came to be known as Raskhan (b.1573). One of the remarkable features of Krishna Bhakti was that many Muslims composed devotional poetry and were great devotees of Kri....

      Raskhan Samadhi, Mahaban Khadar, , Mahaban, Pin: 281305, Uttar Pradesh, India

  • Dargah Of: Angaar shah Baba (R.A)

    Angar Pir

    The shrine of Palitana Angar Pir is an ancient monument which had been highly respected by the locals there. It dates back to ages. People have a belief that all the wishes are granted if asked at this complex of Angar Pir Shrine in Palitana. ....

      Dungarpur, Palitana, Pin: 364270, Gujarat, India

  • Dargah Of: Hazrat Syed Shahul Hamid

    Nagore Durgha

    The Nagore Durgha (or Nagore Dargah) is a shrine in Singapore built by Muslims from southern India between 1828 and 1830, and was originally known as Shahul Hamid Dargha.Nagore Durgha was built to commemorate a visit to the island by a Muslim holy m....

      140 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore, Pin: 068604, Singapore, Singapore

  • Dargah Of: Hazrat Data Mirza Abdul Halim Shah R. A.

    Dargah Mirza Halim shah Data

    This is the resting place of Hazrat Data Mirza Abdul Halim Shah R. A. which is about 700 years old....

      Halimiya Nagar, Bazar Chowk, Po- Mehsi PS- Mehsi Dist- East Champaram , Meherabad, Pin: 845426, Bihar, India

  • Dargah Of: Pir Haji Ali Akbar

    Haji Pir Dargah

    It is said that Ali Akbar was a soldier of Sahabuddin Ghori. After his service is over he settled in a local village named Nara and started to help people and animals. He used to save the cows that were driven away by the local goons and dacoits. He....

      Haji Pir Dargah, Hajipir, Pin: 370510, Gujarat, India


    Lateef Laubali Dargah

    Hazarath Laubali took his auspicious birth in the 15th descent from Ghousul Azam. From Hazarath Syed-al-Hamavi, Hazarath Lateef Laubali had drawn immense spiritual grace and benefit which he faithfully transferred to his disciples and they drew ....

      Laubali St, Bada Padakhana, Kurnool, Pin: 518001, Andhra Pradesh, India

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