Gwalior,Madhya Pradesh, India


Mohammed Gaus was born in the Bihar',in the village Ghazipur on 7th Rajjab 907 Hijri and died on 14th Ramazan 970 Hijri,his followers are all over the world and his legal Heir's are also in Bhopal,Pakistan and also in Gujarat. He was spiritually honoured by the Mogul king Humayun. Sangeet Samrat Tansen was his follower and his samadhy is near his Peer's dargah in Gwalior, he also was the Peero-Murshid of famous Indian Saints Hazrat Shahwajihuddin alwiyul gujrati (R.A.) and Hazrat Shah-ul-hamid Hazrat Kadarshahwali of Nagore sharif (south india)(R.A.). He stayed in Gujarat for 18 years in Sarangpur

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When Badshah Humayun came back to the Throne of Delhi he invited his Peer to come back to Agra, Humayun presented Hazrat Mohammed Gaus 1 Crore ashrafis 40 Elephants and 15 Mahals at the time of his arrival to Agra.

  How to Reach: The dargah is around 12 km from Rajmata Vijay Raje Scindia Airport Gwalior and around 2.2 km from Gwalior Junction station and 1.6 km from Gwalior Bus Stand. City buses are available for dargah. Taxis and three wheelers are other available options,

Nearest City : Gwalior
Nearest Bus Stop : Hazira
Nearest Airport : Rajmata Vijay Raje Scindia Airport Gwalior
Nearest Railway Station : Gwalior Junction
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