Hazrat Sheikh Abu Bakr Tusi Haideri Qalandari

 Delhi,Delhi, India


Baba Matka Pir was supposed to have come from Iran over 750 years ago. The story goes that one day a thirsty traveller came to him asking for water and the pir offered him water from an earthen pitcher.The traveller then told him that he was suffering from a disease which apparently did not have any cure.The pir said that he would pray for him and when the man returned after some days he was said to have been cured completely of the disease. After the incident, people started thronging the dargah to seek the blessings of the pir. And while they narrated their problems, he would pray for them and the problems would be solved. On hearing of the miracle the then Delhi Sultanate ruler, Ghyasuddin Balban decided to test Baba’s powers. As an offering to the revered one he sent for him a platter of iron balls and mud. On seeing the platter Baba covered it and began to pray. After the completion of his prayers when he uncovered the platter to everyone surprise the iron balls had changed to roasted grams and the mud had changed to jaggery. The Baba then mixed it all with water and made sweet milk. It is hence that he is called Baba Matka Pir since as all the above mentioned ingredients are offered to him in an earthen pot or Matka.

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It was an irony that the miraculous powers of the baba were responsible ultimately for his death.He was known for converting lumps of mud into gold which he would then distribute among the needy and the very poor.On account of this, a large number of his diciples thaught that the baba may have kept loads of gold hidden in the dargah. And one day some of them got together and murdered the saint.They made efforts to get the booty , but there was nothing to be found there.

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