Dargah Of: Syed Azeem ud Deen Azeem (R,A)

Azeemia Dargah

  Dolat Gate, Multan / Punjab / Pakistan. PIN: 60000

  How to Reach:   Multan International Airport, Hazrat Baha-ud-din Zakariya's tomb is approx. 7 km, from Multan Railway Station Cantt it is 4.7 km and from Bus Stop, Khanewal Rd. it is around 5.5 km.,

  Nearest City : Multan,   Bus Stop : Multan bus stand,   Airport : Multan International Airport,   Railway Station :Multan cantt.

  Contact Person Name :   Syed Ghulam Muhammad Shah

  Contact Person Phone:   03053732302

  Dargah History :   Syed Azeem ud Deen Azeem was born in Baghdad and later on came to Pakistan and got settled in Multan. .....

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